Friday, July 15, 2011


Its been quite some time since i updated their blog, as usual i WAS busy with work and didnt have much time pampering them, but whenever i have the dollar sign note, i would pamper them as much as i can~

Sis and I were around the pet store area yesterday and have been wanting to drop by ~ So we went in and did some shopping~

This brand is recommended! Finally found a good wet food brand after Merrick! =)

Box full of TREATS!! =)

Hoping that i can pamper them more often~~ Thats all now! =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Let the photos do its talking~~

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Katherine: Its been a long time since i bring them for a walk, i am ashamed to say but its about 1 year since i did that, because firstly, i am lazy, yea..i admit it.. secondly, Cookie will get aggressive when he sees other dogs, so i rather stay out of trouble.. But i decided to bring them down for a walk because i bought them new leashes and harnesses~ So yeah~

Picture of the day of Cookie~

Katherine: Didnt manage to take any picture of Cherie because she keeps avoiding my camera! Well, Cookie did the same thing as well, but i still managed to take some photos of him~

Look how happy he was~ ^^

Katherine: Enjoying her Greenies~ She totally had a great time too~! ^^

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Katherine: yes! I just came back from JB, searching high and low for presents for Cookie and Cherie~ And in the end, i found it~ Its so worth, i bought quite a lot for them and it cost about 30+ bucks in Sing dollars! =) Satisfied! I am glad they are happy with it~

Katherine: They were waiting for me to feed them while i was preparing the tidbits! keke~ Those eyes, are like"could you please feed me quickly?!" LOL! I am always very cautious bout my babies' health.. So i bought some dental snacks, milk cookies for building up their calcium and such~ They enjoyed those cookies a lot as well!! =)

Monday, May 24, 2010


Katherine: My parents were eating nuts in a packet and was feeding him nuts and dry figs.. And he was enjoying himself, didnt know how to eat figs and were flinging the figs here and there, looks like he was playing and finally ate it, he wants more!

Cookie: Yummy.. I want more!! *Puppy eyes*

Katherine: Mum brought him up to the bed..

Katherine: Dad is trying to open the bag for him..But he wanna do it himself..

Cookie: How do i get this thing open??

Cookie: Ohhh... Come on!
In the end....

Katherine: Ya! His head was in the bag! And it got stuck!! LOL!!! We were laughing our ass off! Luckily i used my camera to take all these cute shots of him! LOL! Epic eh!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Katherine : Yes, i am really sorry.. For not updating for a very long time.. *Bows* But here i am once again to blog~ Wants to show more love for my babies! =) And its been quite some time since i took pictures of them.. So i took photos of them and would love to share~ =)

Cookie : Will you stop disturbing me? I am trying lie down here and rest!

Cherie : But i wanna play!!

Cookie : TSK!

Cherie : Come on big brother!

Cookie: Just go away please!

Cherie: T.T

Katherine: Cherie walks away and find a spot to lie down~ I am trying to take some cute pictures of them~ haha! Well, Cherie is quite easy to shoot, but Cookie? He was being difficult.. I wonder why, he dont have this kind of problem in the past.. But now, he simply HATE camera! He just know it.. I wonder why..

Cookie: *Sniff sniff* What are you doing again jie jie?

Cookie: Oh come on.. I am tired..

Cookie: Oh man! U found me! I was feeling so safe by hiding under the blanket..

Cookie: Alright.. Just take lots of photos of me and go away..

Cookie: Done?

Katherine: Yeah.. I know i imagined my babies conversation, but the thing is! They simply showed it to me ! They do not need to speak to me, i just know what they are thinking.. LOL! This is what i Love bout dogs, Their actions, their eyes speaks it all! =)